Map-Making Skills
2.5D (Isometric)
Pixel Art
Basic Skills
Map Making
Event Management
Script Development
History and Scale
Est. 2020 Composed of professional designers and script developers for 2D / 2.5D metaverse platforms
Office Location
FASTFIVE 1703-ho, Miwang Building 364, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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We are ZEP Official Partner Groovworks. ^^

Integrate AI, Metaverse, and UX Groovworks leads the AI and Metaverse era with user-centered philosophy to create new customer value.

 What Do We Do? How Do We Do It?

Groovworks is one of the few official partners of and ZEP in Korea. With a focus on UX design, Groovworks handles the planning, designing, and training related to metaverse spaces as well as the operation and maintenance of online experiences.
Whereas most metaverse companies provide limited work, ignoring the user experience in favor of simple map making, Goovworks builds and maintains from the initial planning stages with consideration of the whole user experience in accordance with the project’s purpose. Groovworks carries out the project professionally, from planning to maintenance.

 Metaverse References

Lee Hyori’s Seoul Check-in Metaverse
Woori Financial Group Woori WON Car Metaverse
All of Us Are Dead Metaverse Escape Room Map