k20 Educators

Map-Making Skills
2.5D (Isometric)
Pixel Art
Basic Skills
Map Making
Event Management
AR/WebAR/VR/ Content Development
Web3/Blockchain/NFT Community Building
History and Scale
-Founded in 2020, we are the first metaverse design studio specializing in education & learning -We held the first metaverse conference for educators in 2021 -We are global and have worked with universities, Edtech companies, non-profits, corporations, etc. to create learning experiences
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New York
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k20 Educators

Transform your online conference, course, training, or meeting into a dynamic learning world!

 Increase completion rates, referrals, & registrations.
 Decrease marketing costs & drop-off.

Who We Are

Founded by leading education voice Vriti Saraf, we are educators and architects who work together to create incredible learning experiences. We build spaces that allow users to “choose their own learning adventure” during conferences, coursework, corporate trainings, networking events, hackathons, and more. If you're struggling with engagementretentioncompletion, or referrals, we can help. We are well versed in web3 technologies include blockchain, NFTs, artificial intelligence, and more.
corporate trainings

Our Clients

We work with all types of organizations interested in creating learning experiences for clients, communities, employees, and leaders.

What We Do

Based on your vision, we develop a metaverse learning pathway for your content.
We recommend metaverse activities aligned to your content that encourage exploration, social engagement, & fun.
We build a bespoke, branded metaverse space with reusable and moveable assets.
The final space is YOURS to keep. You can adjust it as needed over time, replace content, and use it over and over again for your courses & events.

Learning Science behind our work

Why do our metaverse experiences have high referral rates, high retention rates, and high engagement rates? It's because we methodically integrate best practices from the science of learning, the science of space, and human psychology into our spaces.

Expertise From Educators: k20 Virtual World Building Think Tank

We have been working with educators to ideate new solutions in metaverse environments and test spaces for efficacy. Our educators built open source maps for education and shared their lessons with the world on social media. The culmination of their work can be found here.
We also hosted monthly contests to give away free metaverse spaces worth $42,000 each.

Our Non-Profit Educators Community

In 2022, we incubated a non-profit community for educators interested in emerging technologies, called Ed3DAO. We often partner with this community to promote and host events in metaverse spaces. If your event is educational and free, we’re happy to propose it to our community members.


We've built & delivered dozens of beautiful learning spaces.
Check out some of our previous spaces below. All designed by educators and custom-made by professional architects.
Ed3 DAO City & Headquarters (3D view)
Ed3 DAO City & Headquarters (2D view)
Fordham University AI Bootcamp Learning Space (2D view)
Mastermind Learning Room (2D view)
Edcamp Learning Lab (2D view)
Future of Education Unconference (2D view)
Edtech Career Center (2D view)
JFF Horizons Conference in New Orleans (2D view)