Map-Making Skills
2.5D (Isometric)
Pixel Art
Basic Skills
Map Making
Event Management
Office Location
10, Ttukseom-ro 1-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 04779, Republic of Korea
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Attractive Metaverse Experiences with BLD.M
BLD.M is a company specializing in metaverse marketing that creates attractive metaverse experiences centered around ZEP.
Experts from various fields, such as a project manager from Kakao Entertainment, a reporter from Maeil Business, and an incumbent architect, come together to use their experience of business events and provide specific suggestions so that more clients can create unique experiences in the virtual world.
So far, BLD.M has built metaverse spaces for more than 50 clients, including CJ Group, SK Gas, E-Mart, CJ Entertainment, the National Institute of Ecology, McDonald’s, LUSH Korea, etc. Since January 2022, BLD.M has been working as one of ZEP’s official partners.
Attractive Points
We propose a custom design that is tailored to the tastes and needs of our client, rather than a one-sided isometric.
Metaverse space planning, production, operation, and marketing can be carried out on a turnkey basis.
By utilizing ZEP script, it is possible to further develop and link games and entertainment elements that meet the needs of the customer.
Representative Cases
Case 1. McDonald’s ‘2022 Food Safety Town Hall’
Case 2. National Institute of Ecology ‘EcoVerse’
Case 3. ‘2021 LUSH KOREA WINTER SHOWCASE: Over the Cloud’
Case 4. Korea University ‘The 1st Korean Studies Festival’