Architecture for Dialogue

Map-Making Skills
2.5D (Isometric)
Pixel Art
Basic Skills
Map Making
History and Scale
2020 ~
Office Location
New Delhi & Goa (India)
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Architects who deliver well designed digital spaces for work and play.

We are ZEP Official Partner Architecture for Dialogue. We are a research and design practice built to engage with environments through spatial design and innovation. As spatial designers, we look at digital life through the lens of physical space.
Architecture for Dialogue is the first service partner based in India for ZEP and other platforms like! Our work has helped academic institutions, art organisations and companies to explore virtual spaces and leverage the technology.
We use virtual platforms to design games, immersive exhibitions and multiplayer experiences. Our projects have been displayed globally by partners like Figment, Science Gallery and Goethe Insitut.
We supply clients with a custom onboarding guide for participants, quick turnaround time and a test-run day to make the process easy and enjoyable for everyone.
Remote Work.
Dependence on digital tools and platforms has increased, emerging to be an effective alternative to physical workspaces. Our projects are focussed on making teams feel like teams again — while delivering exciting experiences.

Past work → Experiences

The Serpent of a Thousand Coils

The Serpent of a Thousand Coils presented an empathetic insight into the minds of people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorders. The interactive game moves through a dizzying array of paths across a fictional townscape. AfD translated the inner workings of the mind into an architectural layout, working with storytellers and clinical psychologists to design an elaborate audio-visual experience.

The Reanimated Corpse —

AfD worked with Lightcube film society to realise a 2D Puzzle Platformer game around Indian cinema. AfD created the universe of the game — from visual concepts to gameplay and player interactions. [Project part of Goethe Insitut’s FMI Initiative]

Past work → Events

National Academy of Psychology (NAOP) and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay) hosted the annual convention on Gather. The event witnessed participation from over 350 scientists, clinical practitioners, researchers, and students across Indian and international institutions. AfD helped IIT Bombay conceptualise and set up the space on the platform with content and technical support from our staff during the course of the event.

Past work → Remote Work

Figment (Singapore)

Figment, a boutique hospitality group based in Singapore commissioned AfD to create a virtual club for Figment members. The AfD team built out a 3d-model to create a unique custom modelled minicity inspired by traditional cities of India with spaces for remote work, events and NFT art exhibitions.

Huddle (India)

How might we make work-from-home more humane?
Huddle is inspired by spontaneous discussions and sense of gathering and connectedness that we otherwise experience in company of one another. We put together a single player mock up testing the concepts of sound of proximity on a 2D canvas interface. Made on p5.js


How long does it take to create a map?
Depends on design requirements. Creating a simple map takes about 3-4 weeks.
Maps with game elements take about 2-3 months for planning and development.
How do I get an accurate estimate?
If you can specify the number of users, features required and examples into a project brief document, we should be able to get back with a timeline and budget estimate.
If this is daunting, AfD is happy to participate in scoping out the project in exchange of a small fee.
Is there a trial or demo space available?
Yes, we have workspaces on ZEP for trial. This way you don’t have to spend on a custom design and test-run the space with your team logged in. Contact us for arranging a trial.

Let’s work together!

We welcome challenging briefs with no straight answers. We find ourselves having the most fun in open explorations co-driven by process and serendipity. Tell us what you have in mind.
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