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Est. 2019 ~ Professional planners and 2D/3D designers Online and offline events available
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6th floor, 331, Dongmak-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
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We are ZEP Official Partner NHR Communications.
NHR Communications is the number one recruitment agency in Korea.
In addition to metaverse events in the form of recruitment-related consultations and briefing sessions for major companies, such as Samsung, LG, CJ, Nexon, etc., we have successfully operated more than 100 metaverse events, including the Lotte Giants metaverse fan meeting and the year-end events for various companies.
NHR executes metaverse events requested by clients in a stable and efficient way based on overwhelming experience and references.
In addition to the metaverse, various events can be held both online and offline, centering around large event gatherings, such as recruitment, promotion, or training.

NHR’s Strengths

NHR Is an Expert in Map Design.

NHR is able to perform all phases of map design — map planning, graphic design, setting up, and maintenance. From the very first stages of map construction, we offer various suggestions based on our experience and will help you with map planning. Rather than just using a simple design, we plan and produce maps while keeping the perspective of the entire event in mind.

NHR Is an Expert in Event Management.

NHR started as UnivTomorrow’s Recruitment Marketing Team and has successfully run a variety of online and offline events. In particular, NHR has run over 100 metaverse events since 2021, building up our ability to deal with various issues that can come up during these types of events. With NHR, it is possible to run a much more stable event thanks to our accumulated experience and know-how.

Complex Events Can Be Organized.

Various types of events that include online and offline components can be organized, not just the metaverse. We can also help with various processes that occur before and after the event, such as creating promotional pages, participant souvenirs, retention, etc.

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