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Inspire your customers with virtual events:

We take your virtual networking events, team meetings, company celebrations, barcamps, open space sessions, and online conferences to a new level. With Meeting Arena, you’ll enjoy tailor-made maps and individual digital venues based on the wonderful ZEP platform that will perfectly fit your brand’s identity and your corporate partner’s aspiration. - Our Services at a Glance:

Conception and visualization of virtual trade fairs and events
Design of multifunctional product or company presentations
Target group-oriented and cross-media online marketing
Supervision, support, and instruction in the online meeting tool

You can either choose…

One of our standard maps or let us create your very own customized map – we can even replicate your head office, campus, or lab. Or how about your corporate beach party or cruise ship? Our multilingual experts help you to find the right form and dramaturgy for your event, while we can also support you with creative ideas for external activities or embedded features.

We assist you…

As an international partner based in Germany and Switzerland, we may further assist you with smooth onboarding processes, GDPR- or DSGVO-compliant guest and speaker management, professional moderation, and reliable technical live support.

Conception, Design, and Marketing from a Single Source:

Online trade fairs and events are the future. Time and location-independent, interactive, and multimedia-based - virtual meeting landscapes are not hype, but a future-proof must-have for every industry.

There are almost no limits to creativity:

Not only do we take care of the conception and design for you, but we also offer you the full-service package with targeted group-specific marketing. imc (Meeting-Arena) generates cross-media ticket sales or leads for you. With social media, Google, or via newsletter - we can create an enormous reach for your online event.

See for yourself and discover the intuitive virtual world of the Meeting Arena!


imc was founded in 1995 by Wolfgang Hentschel and quickly made a name for itself as an innovative B2B advertising agency. When the Internet learned to walk, imc laid the foundation for later orientation as a digital agency. Because the enthusiasm for the new possibilities of digital communication can be felt in the agency right from the start - the first website developments are incorporated into the marketing strategies. Managing Director Wolfgang Hentschel is fascinated by the opportunities that are now opening up for companies, and so from 2003, the agency developed into one of the first e-commerce hotspots in the Rhein-Neckar district.
In the course of progressive digitization, imc has been specializing in the areas of e-commerce and online marketing since around 2010. The agency pays special attention to consulting and strategy development.
imc has been based in spacious offices in Heidelberg since 2020. A "digital native" will now become the new managing director: Daniel Jost will succeed Wolfgang Hentschel in 2021, who will continue to be available to the agency in an advisory capacity with his wealth of experience.
Daniel Jost has a team of 23 employees behind him, which primarily supports medium-sized customers in the digital transformation. Specialists in digital strategies, branding, web development, programming, and marketing open up the new possibilities of digital applications to companies from all industries.

Maps (Meeting-Arena Exclusive Designs)


Meeting-Arena - with one click you are directly in the exhibition. Exhibition stands, plenary halls, private spaces, sponsor displays, no wish is left unfulfilled.

imc Office

Our imc office for remote work and meetings. We feel very comfortable in the virtual office world and enjoy meeting with our customers.

imc Space

Welcome to the mooooon... and mars, enjoy your first step and walk on the moon. :)

imc Island

A lovely Island retreat for weary workers and our favorite customers to lighten the mood, relax, have a talk, have a drink... This map was also used by Xpert Teambuilding for some of their events!