Map-Making Skills
2.5D (Isometric)
Basic Skills
Map Making
Event Management
History and Scale
1999~ Started IT Professional Consulting Services 2020~ Started Virtual Workplace & Merged Reality Services
Office Location
65/60 Chamnan Phenjati Business Center Tower, 6th Floor, Rama 9 Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok, Thailand , (GMT+7)
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ZyGen offers Merged Reality services ranging from art design, space and event design, augmented workplace, integration with other IT systems, modern gamification for a business to run its operation online efficiently with happy employees in the new normal.
Found in 1999 in Bangkok, Thailand (GMT +7), ZyGen has been providing IT solutions and innovations for over 20 years. Since COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, ZyGen also transforms itself into a digital company where we do NOT require our staff to work at the office anymore. Working at the office has become optional for our employees. We live and breathe online. It’s DIGITAL ERA!!

Services Offered:

Customized Event

We work with you to plan, design, and build the event according to your requirement.
We provide recommendations on what works great and what should be avoided.
Upon your confirmation on the conceptual design, we build the space for you. (7-30 days depending on complexity of the event)
We can provide staff to support you throughout the project.
Support Language: English and Thai

Experiences in various industries

One-stop services

Merged reality space reservation
Event design and build
Support Staffs (Training and Rehearsal session, Support during Live Session, etc.)
Consulting and implementation
Advanced development
Maintenance and support

More than 130+ full-time professionals

Reduce risk of failure to the project
Better teamwork
Easy to manage
Guarantee of Success

Reasonable Fee

International Standard
Reliable team

Sample Spaces

Training Space

Study Community Space

Classroom Space

Survival Activity Space

Meeting Room Space

Ice-Breaking Activity Space